Galaxy Media Co. is a unique video production and advance marketing company that help clients produce powerful and captivating videos for some of the most exclusive country clubs in Miami and Orlando areas. Our advanced marketing services improve traditional marketing strategies by taking a more visual approach, which has proven to attract greater interest in your Country Club.

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Club Amenties Example


Today, how you present your club is not just an important consideration in how you spend your marketing dollars. It is the consideration. Our club amenities videos capture a consistent personality and spirit that will be leveraged to define your club identity and leave a positive impression across a multitude of digital platforms.

- Showcases your world class amenities
- Lets the viewer get a sneak peek of the experience
- Sets you apart from competitors
- HD Video is 100x more effective than still images
- Exposes your club to the globe




We offer a unique aerial perspective using state of the art Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and professional grade video and photo equipment. Flexibility in altitude and manoeuvrability allows us to film and photograph from virtually any angle. The camera can hover in place with pinpoint accuracy, circle a fixed point, fly along a fairway just feet off the ground, or even fly indoors. Our unique video footage will keep visitors on your website for longer periods of time giving you a distinct advantage over your competition.

- Aerial flyovers gives you a competitive edge
- Lets your golfers get a birds eye view
- Makes it easy for golfers to know where to hit
- View the golf course in real time HD footage
- Showcases your course in a visually stunning way
- Sets you apart from the competition


Aerial Flyovers Example